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Employee Contacts

Bobby Cox, CPMR

President and Chief Executive Officer.  Bobby also manages the power utility business division.


Steve Landers, CPMR

Executive Vice President.  Steve Landers manages the communications business division.

Outside Sales—Power Utility









Inside Sales



Elgin B. Robertson, Inc.

Industry Leading Manufacturer’s Representative

Sales Office

Dallas, Texas, USA

Phone:  214-333-2341

Fax:  214-339-3632


Elgin B. Robertson, Inc. | PO Box 210519 | Dallas, TX 75211

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Stephen Fowler

Jim Krepper

Jim Semian

JT Tonne

Wayne Richter, CSP

Zach Nichols, CSP

Steve Landers, CPMR

Paul Dean, CSP

Donna Averitt, Business Office

Carol Hoffman

Gary Wright, Manager

Outside Sales—Communications